Market analysis of Chinese wood plastic composite materials and Research on enterprise revenue

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A composite material consisting of two or more than two different materials, consisting of macroscopic or microscopic composition, with new properties by physical or chemical methods. Various materials in the performance complement each other, and produce synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of composite material is better than the original material, and meet a variety of different requirements. The matrix materials of composite materials are divided into two major categories: metal and nonmetal.

The forming methods of composite materials vary according to the matrix materials. More molding method of resin matrix composites, a hand lay up molding injection molding, filament winding, molding, pultrusion, RTM molding, autoclave molding, molding, transfer molding, diaphragm reaction injection molding, molding, stamping and other soft expansion. The forming methods of metal matrix composites are divided into solid phase forming method and liquid phase forming method. The former is formed by applying the pressure at lower than the melting point temperature of the base, including diffusion welding, powder metallurgy, hot rolling, hot drawing, hot isostatic pressing and explosive welding. The latter is the substrate melting, filling the reinforcement materials, including traditional casting, vacuum casting, vacuum counter pressure casting, extrusion casting and spray casting and forming method of ceramic matrix composite materials are mainly solid phase sintering, chemical vapor infiltration molding, molding and other chemical vapor deposition.

Wood plastic composite materials (Wood-Plastic Composites WPC) is a new type of composite materials at home and abroad in recent years, the booming, refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride resin adhesive, instead of usual, and more than 50% of the wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, after extrusion, molding injection molding and other plastic processing technology, production of plates or sections. Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics, packaging and other industries. A sheet of extruded wood plastic composite, which is made of a mixture of plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion and then extruded by hot extrusion.

According to the data released by the "2017-2022" Chinese WPC market supply and demand investigation and investment planning suggestion report ", in terms of industrial structure, the composite material industry is about 3000-4000, but only more than 180 above scale enterprises, with annual sales of several large enterprise groups in more than 2 billion only in group, Sinoma science and technology etc.. The degree of industry integration is not high, the proportion of small enterprises is too large, and the quality of employees and technical level are uneven. Industry oriented integration of technological innovation is weak, product development is not enough, most of the low-end products.

In the aspect of market structure, market value in the large scale application of billions more main including wind power, chemical tank, water pipes, electrical insulation, watercraft, cooling tower, bathroom and other fields, automobile, light housing, city infrastructure, animal husbandry, environmental protection, sports leisure and more application market needs further development.

With the rapid development of economy, plastic products are used more and more widely in life, and the problem of "white pollution" has become a difficult problem in environmental protection. In recent years, plastic recycling has become the focus of the development of the plastics industry. In this case, wood plastic composites made from waste wood chips and waste plastics came into being. This new type of composite materials is the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC and other plastic raw materials instead of resin adhesive usually, and waste plant fiber mixed, the advantages of conventional plastic material can not be replaced, such as color, texture, light weight, can be nailed, sawing, drilling, digging, paint processing etc. the performance, but also have corrosion and ordinary wood has not alkali resistance, flame retardant etc..

Wood plastic composite material has been widely used, because it is not only to overcome the traditional wood of low strength, large variability and low elastic modulus organic material limitations, and it is a new green environmental protection wood to reduce the environmental pollution, has made certain contribution to reduce the original amount of wood and forest conservation. The wood plastic composite material is used in a variety of waste plastic and waste wood processing, the material itself can be recycled, thus greatly reduce the pollution of plastic waste and agricultural waste incineration brings to the environment, is a kind of new green products.