Chinese wood industry and developed countries "on an equal footing"

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"Wood plastic industry" is one of the few industries in China's manufacturing industry which enjoys equal right to speak with developed countries in Europe and america." The day before, Chinese association WPC Specialized Committee (hereinafter referred to as the comprehensive utilization of resources of wood) secretary general Liu Jiazai Beijing, told reporters that the wood plastic building material success among the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, the rapid increase in the level of technology.

Market potential

The exterior walls of the Finland Museum in Shanghai, Beijing, and the pedestrian walkway outside the bird's nest in World Expo are all masterpieces of wood plastic materials. With the arrival of the 12th Five-Year plan, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection has become the core vocabulary of China's next 5 year plan, and the prospects for the development of wood plastic industry are more worthy of attention.

According to the reporter, WPC is woody, grass and liana plants and renewable biomass resources processing residue as the main raw materials, plastic base material is mixed with a certain proportion, through a reversible cycle using new multi-purpose material physical, chemical and biological engineering and other high-tech means of processing. According to Liu Jia said: "wood plastic materials with environmental effects and economic advantages.". First of all, the protection of forest resources. At present, China's annual timber demand in about 100 million cubic meters, the actual supply of only 60 million cubic meters, the gap of up to 40 million cubic meters. 1 tons of wood plastic materials can be used to reduce deforestation in 1 acres of land. Followed by waste utilization, only this one can consume 1 million tons of waste plastics every year, waste plants waste more than 1 million 500 thousand tons.

Experts said that in the United States, wood plastic market in recent years, the average annual growth rate of more than 13%, only wood plastic panel market annual sales have exceeded billions of dollars. At the end of September 2010, China gathered in the wood industry chain on the mainstream enterprise more than 350 home. China has become the most optimistic region for the development of wood plastic industry and the market capacity after North america. According to Liu Jia introduction, from 2005, wood plastic industry in China entered a period of rapid development. In recent years, the average growth quantity and yield of Chinese wood industry enterprise rate more than 20%, in 2010 the total output is expected to reach 500 thousand tons, and has long ranked the world's top ranked U. S. racing together bridle to bridle.

Broad prospects for development

The emergence of WPC is not only beneficial to alleviate the shortage of resources and recycling, but also to open up another model for the development of new material industry." Liu Jia explained to reporters, the use of low-cost or even abandoned resources for industrial development, promotion is the advantage of wood plastic composite materials. Wood plastic materials are widely used in packaging, warehousing industry, urban construction, horticulture, family decoration, furniture and building templates and so on.

According to the reporter, many problems in China's wood plastic industry are urgently needed to be solved. One is the Chinese wood industry can not form a certain scale of industrial clusters and colony stimulating effect; two is the domestic production line configuration is not ideal, especially the shortage of complete sets of products; three is the most plastic product quality is not high, and a single species, many products still belongs to the clumsy, simple low-end materials, lack of market competitiveness; four is a lot of related research institutions, manufacturers and enterprises lack of aid coordination, not mutual support. Therefore, "WPC" project has been included in the national "budget, resources, environmental protection funds" funded projects, and in the near future entered the national strategic emerging industries ranks. At the same time, wood plastic composite materials have been written to the 12th Five-Year "comprehensive utilization of resources planning (Draft)" and "Chinese technology policy program" comprehensive utilization of resources, comprehensive utilization industry has become one of the national focus on the development of." Liu Jia expresses. It is understood that the special committee has wood organized and participated in more than 10 domestic and foreign large-scale exhibition. Meanwhile, the association also visited the United States National Forest Products Laboratory, visited Japan water chemical industry, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Japanese wood plastic industry organization.