How to choose PVC wood plastic wallboard production line need to know what?

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De Jiayuan plastic machinery market demand, the grand launch of PVC wood / bamboo fiber wallboard production line integrated wallboard production line.

The production line comprises:

Cone double host

Glue extruding machine

Vacuum setting table


Cutting machine

The connecting rack

Wallboard production line and auxiliary equipment:

1, 51 cone double extruder, used in the production of smaller lines of products

2, 65 cone double extruder, used in the production of 300mm, 450mm width or larger lines of products

3, 80 cone double extruder, used in the production of 600mm wide sheet products

4 、 high speed mixer 500/1000

5, crusher

Surface treatment equipment and effects:

Surface treatment mainly includes heat transfer, laminating and printing. Different equipment is selected according to different process. If it is imitation wood species, it is recommended to adopt laminating process, if it is imitation marble, it is recommended to adopt the heat transfer process, so that the effect of simulation is high.

PVC wood plastic wallboard is also called "ecological art wall", "quick assembling wall panel" or "bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall."". PVC/ wood fiber as a base material, the surface can be hot stamping, film new decorative building materials. Wallboard products can completely replace the traditional wall decoration materials. The surface of this product can be diversified, surface treatment mainly include heat transfer, laminating and printing process. The connection structure is divided into welded and seamless connection. The backboard is composed of two designs: flat plate and antiskid groove. A co extrusion coating is designed at the key joint to increase the nail holding capacity during the installation of the wallboard! At present, there are two kinds of plastic foam board in the market, 300mm width and 600mm width. Products are widely used in families, engineering, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on.

Features of PVC quick assembling wallboard:

1. Wood plastic decorative wallboard has the same processing properties as logs. It can be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded and fixed by nails or bolts. The surface is smooth and fine, without sanding and painting.

2, wood plastic decorative wall panels with physical properties than wood better than wood, good dimensional stability, no cracks, no warping, wood knots, twill, various products, coated or composite colorant surface can be made of brilliant color, so no regular maintenance.

3, wood plastic decorative wallboard with fire, waterproof, corrosion, moisture, not moth eaten, no fungus, acid, alkali, harmless, pollution-free and other good performance, low maintenance costs.

4, wood plastic decorative wall panels in the use of a similar wooden appearance, higher than plastic hardness, long life, thermoplastic molding, high strength, energy conservation. The product is firm, light, heat preservation, smooth surface, no pollution.

Introduction of wallboard products and equipment:

We measured the actual size of the site, the base material will be made in advance in the factory, and transported to the construction site, you can quickly install. This requires all the material is modular, and modular basic is "standard", with standard parts, can be self assembled. Standard "seven pieces" is the basic component of wall decoration, with them, we can spell countless gorgeous wall out.

The seven piece is the following form, no matter how it changes, it is always the basic form, or join the role, or want to decorate. It doesn't work. It's a matter of design.

No matter how the wall decoration changes, it is actually made up of the following standard "seven big pieces":

1, top line;

2, the sideline;

3, wallboard;

4, waist line;

5, decorative line;

6, skirting line;

7, corner line;

The advantages of bamboo and wood integrated wall market are embodied in:

1, the decoration process is concise. Indoor use of integrated wall decoration, from rough room to finished products, only the integration of wall materials and corresponding woodworking tools, other materials are not required to use. Only carpentry work is needed and other types of decoration are not required.

2, labor costs are reduced. Integrated wall only carpentry, can basically be completed within 15 days, greatly reducing labor costs

3, product performance is perfect. Integrated wall with other similar decoration materials incomparable advantages, set: environmental protection, fashion, simple, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, anti scratch, flame retardant and other advantages.

4, product environmental protection performance more prominent. Integrated wall components are made of environmentally friendly materials, consumers use, fully achieve "0" carbon emissions, will not produce harmful substances.

5, for other decoration products, higher contrast. Integrated wall to solve the wallpaper completely easy to fall off, can not be moisture-proof, difficult to clean, no scratch, and other phenomena. Compared with paint, it breaks through higher environmental protection concept and pre decoration process.

6, more cost-effective. Integrated walls and similar wall decoration materials compared to high prices. But the actual operation will be entirely different, integrated walls only need to directly on the material, no need to do wall surface treatment, save a lot of costs, compared with the integration of wall prices should be less than the same decoration materials.

7, the product use is more ideal, in the original basis and then increase the fixed way, completely solve the product in the installation process problems, further enhance the product use function.